How to get .edu Backlinks Easy & Quickly

Backlink has a great value in search engine. And most of search engines like .edu backlinks very much. Google always links that backlinks more which are from .edu domain. Getting .edu backlinks are too hard. But I know the easy way. Today I’m gonna tell you how to get .edu backlinks easily.

On the other hand, by this process you will get your backlinks very quickly. So, let’s see the easy and quick way to get .edu backlinks.

Method-1: Create backlinks by Discussion

You can create your backlinks from by discussion. There are many .edu site that have the opportunity of discussion. You can go and participate for discussion at those sites. When you are replying any topic add your site URL with the reply link. Though there is no way to put anchor text but you can get backlinks by putting your website link. For getting discussion site’s link you can search in google by below code-

“From” “date” “time” “Remote Name” “last changed” site:edu

Write above code to Google search bar and hit the search button. When you got the search result, go to the second search result page. Because, on the first page you may get some death links. Choose any link and click on the link. I choose the link “” After going the linked site; you will see a screen as below; then select the “Contents” button.

Click any content. I clicked the “Dino direct” content. Now click the reply option and write your comment. On the comment add your site URL as below and hit the post article button.

Method-2: Finding .edu domain for creating backlinks

At first you need some .edu sites where you will make your backlinks. For this you just need a little search in Google. Example-

If you place above code in the search bar, it will show you only that sites which have .edu extension. But it doesn’t mean that you will able to get backlinks from those sites. Actually you will get backlinks by the .edu blog, wikipages or from the user registration. And you will get those type of sites by below codes. “blog” “log in / create account”


Method-3: More free .edu Backlinks

Also you can create more backlinks by registering in various sites. Here I gave you some sites to create backlink by registering.


Be a Register user

They will send your password to your email

Create your profile

Signature and Website Title/URL

Post on a riddle

Ping your thread page with your post on it.


Register/Sign Up on the site

Create your Profile

Fill up your Identity

Fill in the Website area by putting your site URL

Go back to profile page, it will show up 5 minutes later, and ping it.



Be a Registered user

After that you will receive a password from email

Click on your username

Edit your profile

Fill your Signature and Website

Go back to the forum and post to show signature, get the URL and ping it.



Register/Sign Up in the site

Get your password from the email that you received from the site

Create your Profile

put your Url


Go to the User List

Search for your User

Get the profile link and ping it


Register on WordPress

They will send your password in your email

Go to the website and add web site in your profile

At the bottom, make Web Site public


Method-4: Create Backlink by creating profile

Also you can create backlink by creating profile. Here I gave you a huge list of site that will give you opportunity for making backlink by creating profile. You just copy and paste those links in your browse. After reaching the site, at first register there and put your URL in your profile section where you will get field to put your website url.

Here is your list-


14 New autoapprove .edu Blog comments list 2012

To bring your site to the first page of Google you need do make comments in .edu blogs. Google search crawlbar values theses sites highly which have backlinks to .edu sites. If we observe the policy of search engine, we can see that it makes some changes in its SEO system after a certain period. According to the new rules of SEO of Google .edu blogs backlinks play a vital role to get high PR fast for your site. So if you want to get high PR for your site you need to make comments in .edu sites as much as you can. All the .edu blogs don’t approve comments instantly. But some .edu blogs have auto approve comments system. These blogs are really very helpful to get fruitful result within a shortest possible time. For your assistance we have gathered 14 new autoapprove .edu blogs comments list of 2012. So friends lets have a look to those lists and make autoapprove comments for your site to get high PR fast.