10 Cool Tips to Accept Blog Comments in High PR sites

We know that backlinks plays a vital role to generate traffic along with getting high PR of our site. For this reason we post lots of comments in different high PR blogs. But very often our comments are not accepted by the website admin. To make our comments accepted we need to make comments related to the topics of the blog post. So our comments should be relevant to the blog post. All you need to make SEO friendly comments. It would bring a nice output for your site. Today we are going to share 10 cool tips to make your blog comments accepted. So friends lets have a look to those tips.

1. Read the blog post

It is very important to read the blog post before posting any comment. If you read the post you’ll get an idea about the post which will help you to make nice comments. If you can make relevant comment, hopefully your blog comment will be accepted by the admin of the websites.

2. Find out similar blogs

If you want to make your blog comments accepted, you need to find similar blogs relevant to your contents. Suppose if you have a sports site and if you post comments in a beauty tips site, your comment may not bring fruitful results for your site. Even site admin may not approve your comments. So it is very important to find out similar blogs. To get similar blogs you can search to Google by typing your sites contents.

3. Reply first comments

It is a great way to reply to the first commenter comments. It will show your comments as the first comments. All you need to make an effective reply. If you can do this properly, hopefully your reply will be accepted in high PR sites.

4. Mention the bloggers name

To make your blog comments accepted you need to use the name of that blog in your post. It is very important to put the name of that blogs in your comment. If you do so your comment will be accepted.

5. Observe others comments

You need to observe others accepted comments before posting any comments. If you follow other comments you’ll get some idea about the comments. If you see the posts including keyword is accepted, you can use keywords in the name fields. Hopefully this technique will be helpful for you to make your blog comments accepted in high PR sites.

6. Make an effective comment

Probably this is the most important thing to make your comments accepted. You need to find out some crutial points of the blog posts. Then write this properly. Always try to make your comments relevant to the blog posts.

7. Reasonable comments

You never make too long or too short comments. According to us it is better to write 3-4 line comments. Try to avoid negative things and don’t make any bad comments about the others commenters. If you disagree with any comments or any topics of the blog posts, then mention this logically with politeness.

8. Check the comments properly

You need to check the comments properly. You need to checkout any grammatical errors of your comments before posting this. You can think as a blog owner. A blog owner always accepts positive comments about his blog. So you need to post positive comments.

9. Post formatted comments

You can bring changes to your comment by making some words bold, italic and others. Hopefully it will works fine and hopefully your comments will be accepted in high PR sites. Certainly this is a great way of getting your blog comments accepted.

10. Create effective comments

You need to be focused on this topic. Certainly it would be helpful for you to make your blog posts accepted if you can create an effective blog comments. As you know the importance of backlinks from blog comments, you need to give a littlebit extra time while you post any comments.


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