How to Write & Create Effective SEO optimized blog post in wordpress

Search engine is the main way to get visitors. So, our every wordpress blog post should be SEO optimized to get more visitors. Today I’m going to tell you how to write & create SEO optimized blog post in wordpress. Hope this blog post about creating effective SEO optimized blog post tips for wordpress will help you to build you SEO skill.

1. Make your post title keyword longer

Keyword is that thing what people write in the search box and what make people come to our blog. In this time every keyword has high competition. If you make a small keyword then your site might be not come to the first page. So, you should make a loge and specified keyword.


Photoshop tutorial (small keyword) > Background tutorial in Photoshop (large keyword)

SEO tips (small keyword) > Blog commenting SEO tips (large keyword).

2. Limit your title to 40 text characters

When you select a title try to make it in 40 text characters. It’s better for your post. Most of search engines use maximum 60 text characters for title.

3. Add <h2> tag

This is a most important thing. When you write your article, add <h1>, <h2>, <h3> etc tags. <h1> tag for the main title, but in wordpress you don’t need to add <h1> tag. Here you should use the <h2> and <h3> tags. You can use <h2> tag in each paragraph. <h1>, is more powerful then <h2>, <h2> is more powerful then <h3>.

4. Bold the keywords of the post

During the time of writing the article, if you get any keyword of this post, make it bold.

5. Post permalink of your article

After writing your article, add the parmalink and the parmalink will be same as the title.

6. Image optimization of you blog post

When we write an article we need to upload some images for the post. So, the images also need to optimize. For this, make the alternate text of your image same as your article title.

7. Write unique contents

Here is one more thing, don’t copy-paste content from any other site. Always write unique content for your site.

8. Keyword density

Also you can take a good care to your post’s keyword density. Don’t implement your article keyword many times in a post. It is better to keep you keyword density 4%.

9. Add SEO plugin in your website

It’s better to add a SEO plugin in you website. For this you can use “All in One SEO pack”. Before publishing any post, optimize this post with the “All in One SEO Pack”.

10. Highlight the links and make them <h2>

On your article if you get any link, make it highlighted by making it Bold. Also add <h2> tag in the link.


Beginners Guide to Use Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free service of Google for tracking all kinds of statics including visitors of our websites. By using Google analytics we can check the number of visitors per day, week or month. Moreover we can see bounce rate, page views rate, and average time of visiting to websites. Not only that but also we can know about the referral traffic by using Google analytics. It shows the number of visitors comes from search engines, backlinks along with direct visitors. So the importance of Google Analytics is beyond description. Friends, lets see the features of Google analytics & the ways of  using it properly.

Create Google Analytics Account

Now we are going to share the way of creating a Google account. After creating an account you can check the data of your website. So let’s have a look to these below mentioned ways.

1. First of all you need to go to to create your Google analytics account. So just browse to the site.

2. To create Google Analytics account you need to click on Access Analytics. You’ll find this button in the upper right corner of the page.

3. In the next step just click on “add new account” button.

4. Then click on “sign up” button for creating Google Analytics account.

5. You’ll get option of putting your first name and last name. Then type your website name. You need to do this carefully. Moreover, It is very important to put your country or territory name. Then read the terms and condition of google analytics. Then check “I agree to the terms and condition”. Then create an account button to create an account.

6. Then you’ll get a java script code. You need to copy the code.

7. Now you have to paste the code to your website code. You need to paste this code before the body tag. You need to paste this code in every page.

8. Then go back to the google analytics page. Then click on the “save and finish” button to complete the job.

Features of Google Analytics

You can enter into your Google analytics account now to see the features of Google analytics. You’ll find lots of option for your Google analytics account. You can check different type of stats of your website from here. Let me introduce to some features of Google analytics.

1. Dashboard

(i) Date: You can check the data of your site of traffic from your analytics account. You can set this according to your necessity. You can use this according to your necessity. You can set it day basis weekly or monthly.

(ii) Number of page visiting

You can check the number of visiting of your web page. It would be helpful for you to check the traffic rate of your site.

(iii) Check the Bounce Rate

You can check the bounce rate of your site. Sometimes visitors enter into the sites and go out within a few moments. These rate of visitors is called bounce rate.

2. Check visitors number and traffic rate

You can check the visitors number of your site by using Google analytics account. Now we are going to share the ways of checking the visitors rate and of your site. Lets have a look to those sites.

(i) Number of new & old visitors

You can check the number of new visitors of your site along with the regular visitors.

(ii) Unique visitors number

You can see the number of unique visitors of your site from the Google analytics. You can see the source of these visitors.

(iii) Check bounce Rate

Sometimes visitors come to a site and go out from the site within a short time. It is very bad for any website to be failed to be attract the attention of any visitors.

(iv) Map Overlay

If you want to know the source of visitors of your site, you can know that easily. All you need to click on map overlay. It will show the source of visitors through a map.

3. Observe the traffic source

You can check the traffic source of your site from Google analytics. It’ll show the details of the source of your visitors. We would like to share the ways of the source details.

(i) Search Engines

Google analytics will show the number of visitors come from different search engines. You can see the number of visitors come from Mozilla firefox, Google chrome and so on.

(ii) Direct Traffic

 You can see the number of direct visitors. It will show the number of visitors properly. This type of visitors normally come from bookmark. The visitors who have bookmarked your sites.

(iii) Keywords

By using Google analytics you can see the number of vistors generated from keywords. Certainly Google analytics is a great option for us.

(iv)Total traffic

If you want to see the total traffic source of your site you can check that easily. All you need to click on all traffic sources. You’ll see the rate of visitors average visits, bounce rate and so on.

4. Contents Tab Details

You can check the contents which bring lots of visitors for your site. It will be helpful for you to identify what type of contents play the vital role to generate more traffic.

(i) Topside of web pages

It will show you the number of visitors comes from the landing parts of your website. Landing parts is the part which visitors can see at very first.

(ii) Title

You can find out the top content of your site by using google analytics. You can check the title easily which have generated visitors for your site.

(iii) Total overview

You can check all the part of your website by using Google Analytics. By doing total check or overviewing you can see the link where the visitors click. It will show only the internal link click rate.

Now you may realize the importance of Google analytics. Certainly this is very helpful service of Google. So to check your website visitors numbers, traffic sources and other by using Google analytics. Wish you all the best.