20 Tips To Speed Up Your Computer

Normally, when we start to use a new pc, it works very fast. After a few months it doesn’t work as previous. Then we need to speed up our computer. By following some easy tips you can maintain your pc smartly, you can speed up your computer, and you can run your computer smoothly. By using the below tips to,

Make your Computer Faster

1. Remove Spyware and viruses from your computer-

Spyware stores your information without asking you. When you visit various websites, you need to write your username and password, spyware collects that information. After a few days, your computer speed falls down for that unnecessary information. So, you should remove those spyware by using Windows Live OneCare, which is free online service.

Also you can download free Security Essentials tool by Microsoft which can make your computer protected from Virus, Spyware or any other file which can be hampering for your pc.

2. Clean Your Registry

Cleaning Registry is one of the best techniques to speed up your computer. Normally, a computer speed falls down and down as time passes. This problem causes for registry. So, for remove registry file should use PC Registry Cleaner or any other free registry cleaner and scan and optimize your pc. This tool will increase your computer speed.

3. Run Disk Cleanup

For making your computer speed up you can run the disk cleanup tool, which will help you to make space in you pc disk to speed up your computer. By this tool you are able to select the files you want to delete or not.

You should include those files to the cleanup tool for remove- Temporary files of internet, Temporary files, Thumbnails, Recycle Bin, those installed programs which you are not going to use in future, other programs which you don’t use.

For run disk cleanup you can take the following steps-

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup-

On the cleanup dialogue box mark files that you like to delete and then press “OK”

And you have done!

4. Remove unwanted programs

In our working time, for a little work sometime we need to install some programs. But, unfortunately most of times we forget to remove those programs from out computer. Where every program takes some space from our computer, so it can be hampering for our computer speed. Don’t be late; uninstall all of your programs which you no longer use and it will take a special effect for speed up your pc.

5. Install Antivirus on your computer

When a virus insert into a computer, then it is ready to do anything in the computer. A virus can your computer very slow, even if it’s a powerful virus it can damage your system files. So, I’m suggesting you to install an antivirus in your pc and scan regularly or you can use free online virus scanner. By using the antivirus you can get protecting from virus also you can increase your pc speed.

6. Increase your RAM

A computer’s running speed effectively depended with the RAM. If you run your computer with low RAM, it won’t work fast. Even it will hang if you start few programs at a same time. Sometime you will feel disgust to use the computer. In this case you have to insert more RAM in your RAM slot. After increasing RAM you will feel your pc as a new one and you will able to open multiple programs at a same time.

7. Run Disk Defragmenter

If you install a new program to the pc, it doesn’t save in a sorted manner; in this time I’m suggesting you to run the disk defragmenter tool from your computer. It will store your files nicely & it’s ready to remove unnecessary files from your pc. So, it will increase your computer working speed. For Run Disk Defragmenter Tool you should follow below steps-

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter-

On the disk defragmenter dialogue box, click on “Defragment Disk” button.

8. Use a Pendrive for ReadyBoost

In Windows 7 and Windows Vista you can try “ReadyBoost” for speed up your pc. ReadyBoost is a tool which can convert a pendrive or flash disk to RAM. So, you can learn about readyboost for increase you RAM size, and computer performance. You can use any types of external memory for this, like: Pendrive, memory card, USB flash drive etc.

9. Disable Animations and Appearance Overhauls

Disabling Animations and Appearance Overhauls is also a good way to increase your computer performance. It makes your computer outlook as basic Windows look that save your pc RAM and speed up the performance. For implement this tip you are required to take following steps-

Go to Start > Control Panel > System Properties.

Now click on the “Advance” button, then Choose “Performance” button.

At the last Click “Adjust for best performance” and then OK.

10. Do not save files to C:\ drive.

An operating system normally starts from C:\ drive. When you store your backup files to the C:\ drive, those make a effect on your pc booting option also it can hamper for you computer speed. So, remove your backup and other files from the C:\ drive (Don’t remove the Application / System files) and increase your computer speed.

11. Update your computer programs regularly

Updating programs regularly is a good way to get high performance from your computer. If you avoid this, then you will find various problems on your computer. Even Windows needs itself to update, along with any other applications and games and the hidden device and other driver software.

For finding out you Windows update option, Click Start and type “windows update” on the search button, and then you will get a link about “Windows Updates”, click on this link and you will notify about all updates of your system.

12. Delete files from Desktop and Disable Desktop Shortcuts

When you keep more files or Shortcuts in your desktop, it makes your computer slow. Desktop runs from the C:\ drive and when a file stays on the desktop it effect’s on the C:\ and your computer works slowly. So, delete or move those files which you stored in your computer desktop. For hide your desktop shortcuts, right-click on your desktop > Arrange icon by and uncheck “Show desktop icons” by clicking on it.

13. Start less software at a same time

When you start too many programs at a same time, your computer become busy at that time. For example: if you start Adobe Illustrator, Maya, 3D studio MAX at a same time, on the other hand, if you open 15 tabs on your internet browser, it will hamper for your computer speed. So, do not open to many programs at a same time in your computer and get increase your computer performance.

14. Detect and repair the disk errors

This step is very important for increasing your computer performance. When errors are accruing in your pc, those make your computer slow.

You can develop your bad sector by the Error Checking Utility, which scans your hard drive for bad sectors and scans for the file system errors of your computer.

If you use your computer regularly, I’m going to suggest you to run this tool at least once a week to help prevent data loss. For run Error Checking utility tool you should follow those steps-

1. Close All Open files

2. Go to Start > Computer (My Computer for Windows XP).

3. From the Computer window, select a drive that you want to scan and right-click on that drive > Properties.

4. From the Properties dialogue choose Tools tab.

5. Click the Check Now button.

6. From the Check Disk dialogue box, select the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors check box, and click Start.

7. If any bad sectors are found, choose to fix them.

15. Turn off all unnecessary startup applications

If there are lots of applications on your startup programs then you system will work slowly. Because startup auto runs all of the applications from its store and the computer performance fall down. So, for making your computer faster you should remove unnecessary applications from startup.

To turn off the programs for startup-

–Go to Start > write “MSCONFIG”on search box (Open Run and write “MSCONFIG” for Windows XP).

–From the Configuration Utility. Click the “startup” tab and unmark all programs which are unnecessary for you.

16. Get an External Hard drive

When you will add an external hard drive on your computer, then you will able to clear out a lot of thing that you don’t need to be storing on your normal hard drive.

For example: There are lots of images and music in your hard drive and those are taking a large space, which is very harmful for your pc speed. So, if you add an external hard drive then it will allow you to move those images and music to that drive and you will get a huge space on your hard drive.

17. Use only one Internet Browser

Sometime we use many browsers for browsing internet where a single browser can do all things and that’s also responsible for making your computer speed slow. So, you should use only an internet browser and update it regularly.

18. Do not use same software’s multiple versions

Unfortunately some of as like to use multiple versions of software, which is also a big reason for making computer speed low. For example: You are using Adobe Photoshop CS4 version and Adobe Photoshop CS5 version at a same time. But, here CS5 is able to do any kind of command of CS4. So you don’t need the previous version and if remove that version it will give a large space also speed up your computer.

19. Create a new user account and Delete the previous one

If you use a user account for 4/5 months, there will mostly 5GB temp files, which you can’t delete by any antivirus. Then you should create a new user account as administrator and delete the previous one. So, you will get 5BG disk space back by providing only 26MB to the new user account.

20. Upgrade to Windows 7

After using those techniques if you don’t get your needed speed, you should reinstall your windows. So, all of the temp files and virus will clearly remove from your computer. And it will better if you start to use Window 7. Because, it is very user friendly operating system, that has good feature for improve your computer performance.

Also you can watch this video to

Speed up your Pc


Killer Tips to Speed up your Windows 7

Microsoft windows 7 operating system is very popular in the world at the present time. You too may be a user of windows 7. The designing system of windows 7 by Microsoft is really awesome. It has made with a view to providing a good speed. Naturally, after a certain time the windows get slower day by day. So, you need to speed up your windows to work properly. Today we are going to share some tips by which you can speed up your windows 7.
windows 7

Install necessary software: To speed up your pc you should install only that software which is essentials for you. You need not to install unnecessary software or trial versions & so on. It will help you to keep your windows more active. If there is any installed software available which you don’t use, simply remove it. If you do this, the speed of your workflow would increase too.

Clean up the hard disk: If you want to get a good performance from your pc you need to clean up your pc very often. By this cleaning system you can remove temp, unwanted files and so on. To speed up your windows you need to clean up your disc. You can clean up your disc by following by following the way. Click Start > All programs > Accessories > System tools > Disc clean up.

Use good Antivirus software: You should always run good antivirus software for ensuring the safety of your computer. It is better not to use any free antivirus program. If you don’t run this software your computer will be the victim of the attack of virus, Trojans etc. It will destroy your hard drive functionality and eat a great space of hard drive. So your computer gets slower. To speed up your computer you must use authentic and effective antivirus software.

Deactivate manual default services: You are provided some services are functioned to the system in a default mode. Probably, you need not to use it. So to reduce the burden to your pc you should remove this. It will help you to speed up your pc. To perform this job you can follow the way.

Click Start > search > type “sevices.msc” then press Enter.

Then go to Services & Applications > Services

Right click on any service available there to disable or make manual.

After stop the services, right click & click properties

Startup option will come. Then choose ‘disable’ or ‘manual’.

Deactivate unnecessary start up program: When you start the system some programs comes before you. Probably those programs are not necessary for you. You can speed up your computer by disabling these programs. To do this simply follows the way.

Click Start > go to search box > type ‘msconfig’ & hit Enter button.

A new window will be opened. Select ‘start up’ from there.

Remove the check mark, not to show these during the time of start up.

Then click ‘Apply’ & ‘ok’ to save the changes.

Disk Defragmentation: We create many folders and delete them occasionally according to our necessity. Moreover we store many files, movies etc. After a period of time we delete some of those too. There is a great affect of it into the hard drive. The internal setting of hard drive has been changed with the process of saving and deleting. That’s why windows get slower. To speed up your windows you need to defragment your hard drive. Before doing this you can scan your computer fully. To perform this job you can follow the way.

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System tools > and click Disc Defragmenter.

Your hard drive will be shown before you. Then click ‘Defragment Disc’

After completing the defragmentation it will show the detail report. You can see that or close that.

Deactivate visual effects: To speed up your pc you can use minimal visual effects. It will help you to get a better service from your pc. To do this you should follow the way.

Click ‘windows’ key and hold it down. Keep holding and click pause key. Then go to Advanced system > Advance tab > Performance section > Settings > Visual effects > Adjust for best performance.

Turn of Aero theme: You can speed up your pc through turning off aero theame. It will make eyecandy for windows. But it will grab lots of space. To do the tasks you’ll follow the way.

Right click on Desktop > Personalize > window color

Unmark ‘Enable Transparency’ box

Then ‘open appearance properties’

Select ‘Standard or Basic theme’

Deactivate sound effects: If you want to speed up your windows 7, you should disable sound effects. It will make your windows speedy. To do these tasks just follow the way.

Click Start > go to search box > type mmsys.cpl > Enter

New sound window will come. Select sound tab

Select ‘No Sound’ from the option

Then click Apply & OK.

Hope you will be able to speed up your windows 7 by following the above mentioned tips. Wish you all the best.