20 Free Blogging Platforms

At present Blogging is very popular around the world. If you want to do blogging, you can do that easily. There are lots of free blogging platforms available in the net. Some of the blogs of this list are very cool. The features of these blogging sites are very user friendly. For your assistance we are going to share 20 Free Blogging Platforms. Most of these platforms are arranged so nicely specially for the newbie bloggers along with experienced. So, why are you taking time to start blogging? You can start this by using these free blogs. So friends lets have a look to those free blogging platforms.

 1. Blogger

Free blogging platform 1

Blogger is the most popular blog of the world. People like this blog because of having so many user friendly features. Blogger is a free blogging platform of Google. It is an ideal blogging platform for newbies.

2. myspace

Free blogging platform 2

This is another free blogging platform. There are lots of people who use my space to do blogging. The features of blogging in myspace are very cool too. You can make your blogging journey reach through using myspace blogging platform.

3. livejournal blogging platform

Free blogging platform 3

Livejournal blogging platform is another cool blogging platform. The features of this platform is also very user friendly. So if you want to do blogging, why aren’t you starting right now? This is high time started blogging to this free blogging platform.

4. wordpress

Free blogging platform 4

If you name three most popular blogging platforms, wordpress is one of the list. WordPress blog is really very popular & day by day it is getting huge popularity. If you want to start blogging you can choose this platform.

5. Jux

Free blogging platform 5

This is another awesome blogging platform. Jux have some cool & user friendly features. Hopefully blogger will like this blog because of having so many templates and plugins.

6. Filefront

Free blogging platform 6

Filefront domain has been changed to gamefront. You can use this site as your blogging  platform. You’ll see a cool interface if you visit this site. Hopefully blogger would like this blogger platform.

7. Opera blogging community

Free blogging platform 7

Opera is mainly familiar because of it’s awesome browser. But this time opera has brought a cool free blogging platform for you. The interface and the features of this platform is very nice and user friendly.

8. 9rules

Free blogging platform 8

There are so many bloggers who like this free blogging platform. Because of having so many cool features 9rules has gotten huge popularity. Certainly this is a cool way of starting blogging jobs.

9. Free Hubpages Blogging Platform

Free blogging platform 9

Hubpages is one of the most popular free blogging platforms. There are so many bloggers who are involved to hubpages. I myself have experience of blogging in hubpages. I can say it has easy and cool user friendly features for blogging.

10. Newsisfree

Free blogging platform 10

Bloggers like this blogging platform because of having some easy features. A new blogger can do everything here easily without facing any kind of problems. So certainly this is a great free blogging platform.

11. Peopleconnection free blogging

Free blogging platform 11

If you are looking for free blogging platform, this is the perfect place for you. People connection interface is very cool and its features is also very user friendly. So to start blogging you can choose this free blogging platform.

12. Xanga blogging platform

Free blogging platform 12

Xanga is another blogging site provider. Especially for the newbie blogger it has arranged some easy and eyecatching features. It would be a nice one for you, if you start blogging from here.

13. Freewebs

Free blogging platform 13

Freewebs is one of the most popular blogging platforms of the world. There are lots of users around the whole world. So you can start your blogging from here. This is really free blogging platform.

14. Bravenet

Free blogging platform 14

If you are a blogger you may have heard about bravenet. Certainly this is a great blogging platform. The features of this site is also very cool and user friendly. So you can start your blogging from here.

15. Angelfire

Free blogging platform 15

Angelfire is another cool blogging platform. You can use angelfire to start your blogging. Certainly this is a great blogging platform. You can create free blog from here. So if you are a newbie, this can be the ideal place for you.

16. Boingboing blogging platform

Free blogging platform 16

This is another nice blogging platform. You can use this platform for starting your blogging. Hopefully you will enjoy cool experience of blogging. Because this free blogging platform has some cool features.

17. Free blogging platform snap

Free blogging platform 17

You may have heard about snap. This is very popular blogging platform. You can start your blogging from here too. Snap has a nice interface and the features are very user friendly. So the new users can do blogging easily.

18. Doteasy

Free blogging platform 18

If you are looking for a free blogging platform, this is the ideal place for you. If you are a newbie blogger, you can start your blogging journey from here. Everything you can do here for free.

19. Squirespace blogging platform

Free blogging platform 19

Squirespace is very user friendly blogging platform. If you want to do blogging you can do that from here. Just all you need to create a free website from this site and start blogging.

20. Free blogging platform tumblr

Free blogging platform 20

You may have heard the name of tumblr. It is one of the most popular free blogging platform of the world. The features of tumblr are also very cool and user friendly. So you can start your blogging right now by using this free blogging platform.


How to Success in Blogging, Beginners guide

At the present world the improvement of web is going just like hurricane. There are lots of websites are being registered every day. A lots of blogs are also included to the list. According to a statistics more than one trillion websites has been registered in the year 2008. But at present number of registered websites is really a wonder to us. Now-a-days about 160000 websites is registered in a single day. Now we are going to discuss about blogging tips, which will help you to be a successful blogger.


Today we would like to discuss about blogging. First of all we need to know how fast the number of blogs is increasing. If we see the condition of blogs 7/8 years earlier, the number of blogs were very few. Even nobody thought that blogs can reach a position like this. But the blogs sector has been changed drastically for last several years. At present blogging has turned into an effective way of online earning.

To be a successful blogger you need to be patient. Because it is a long term process to be successful in blogging.  If you want to earn a handsome amount from your blog you need to make your blog standard and familiar. Always the large companies show their advertisement to any successful blogs. So if you can make your blog familiar to others you’ll get lots of ads from different companies. One the other hand you can earn through Google adsense by using your blog. Hopefully this blogging tips would be helpful for you.

Choose a nice topic

The most important thing to get success in blogging is to choose a nice topic of your blog. If you can choose a great topic, it will bring an effective result for you. To find out a good topic you can observe the current hot topics. Moreover you can choose IT or sports as the topic of your blog. These kinds of topics posses a great demand all the time. But if you can’t find out any topic for your blog, you can discuss to expert blogger or experienced person of this blogging sector.

To be a successful blogger you need to choose such topic to which you have interests. If you don’t have any interest to your blog, you wouldn’t get any inspiration to write about the topic. It is also another option to hire someone to write articles for your blog. But here you need to pay him an amount for his job. Spending a lot of money in the very first wouldn’t be sign of intelligence.

Now let me share the way of choosing domain name. It is very important to choose a domain name relevant to your topic. It is better to get a domain name after the name of your main keyword. Although it is tough to get domain name according to our choice. You can use “–“in the middle part of your domain name according to necessity. Your domain name should not be larger. However you should make your domain name as relevant as your topic.

Proper Hosting

We are trying to provide some important tips for bloggers, especially for the beginners. We feel happy if they found these tips and information effective and helpful and treat this post as beginners blogging guide. However now we would say about the importance of using a hosting company. Certainly you don’t want to see your website down. It also spoils the interest of the visitors if your site is down or takes too much time to be loaded.

Observe the competitors activities

If you want to be a successful blogger you should check the activities of your competitors website. You can check the blogs of your competitors. If you follow some successful blogs, you’ll get a proper guideline about your tasks. Then you’ll be able to find out the lacks of your blog. So it is very important for the bloggers to observe the activities of other successful competitors blogs.

You may know to be successful in life you need to improve your communication skill. Here you can improve the interactions to your visitors. You should observe the comments very carefully. If you do this you’ll get a clear conscious view of the thinking or expectations of your visitors. Pay a great value to the comments to your visitors. If they want to see any articles on any topic, you should try to write article on that certain topic if possible.

Blog Design

Design plays a vital role to generate visitors to your site. If the design of your blog can attract the attention of any visitor, certainly he’ll back to your site again. Although you also need to emphasis over the content of your site. But design also has a great value. There are lots of themes available in the net. You can choose any theme relevant to your topic of your blog. You can use wordpress CMS for your blog. It is very user friendly. Moreover you can do this from a designer. But it will only increase your cost.

To choose a theme you can observe some blogs related to your topic. Just follow the design to those blogs. Certainly you’ll get a good idea from that. Then find out a theme that suits much to your blog according to the themes of blogs you seen earlier.

Use effective content

To generate visitors to your site you need to use relevant and effective content into your articles. Another important thing is to use proper title for your post. We would say it is not as important to think about the page rank and clicks as the proper using of content. You can use appropriate content for your post you’ll get visitors for sure.

If you can implement effective content properly, you need not to think about advanced SEO. Moreover we would say content plays vital role to generate visitors than SEO. But it is true that we can’t avoid the importance of SEO. If you do proper SEO for your blog, you’ll get visitors for sure. But the visitors find a week title he might return to the previous site by pressing back button. Now you may understand the importance of content.

Make a plan for your blog

To be successful you need to pay much time for your blogs. As you know without a mission one can’t reach to any goal. Similarly you need to have a schedule for your post or articles. It is simple, just like how many articles you want to post to your site in a day or which image you should use, image size and so on.

You can write some articles for your blog in advance. It will help you in those days, when if you won’t be able to write articles for any reason. If you have ready made articles, those days you can simply post the article. You need to maintain regularity. If you post a single article daily, try to maintain this way regularly. Certainly it will help you to take your blog in a good position to search engines within a short time. Hopefully the above mentioned tips will play a good role as a beginners bloggers guide. Moreover these tips will be helpful for the newbie bloggers.

Be active in social networking sites

To make your blog familiar and popular you need to do social media job. You can create pages in facebook and twitter according to your blog name. At the first stage you won’t get many followers. But with the passing of time you would get follower s and your blog would be popular. It is a hard task to get first fifty followers. But it would be easier to get follower after passing the first stage. Here also you need to maintain regularity. Try to make a single post everyday from your facebook page.

Be Patient to be a successful blogger

First of all we would say to be a successful blogger you need to sacrifice a lot. You need to work hard, spending a lot of time for blogging to be successful. You may not be able to sleep properly in nights regularly for doing blogging jobs. Frustration will try to spoil your confidence. But if you want to be a successful blogger you need to continue your jobs through these obstacles. If you can continue, with the passing of time you’ll be a successful blogger.