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Joomla extensions are designed to be integrated in your Joomla application in order to extend its functionality. Joomla extensions include Joomla components, Joomla modules and Joomla plugins, as well as language packs and templates. We have listed below the most popular free Joomla addons, based on our experience in hosting thousands of Joomla websites.

Joomla Extensions by SiteGround – FREE Download

SiteGround has been hosting and supporting Joomla websites for many years now. Based on this experience and to meet the needs of our users we have created a collection of free Joomla extensions available for all Joomla users.

Joomla plugin jHackGuard


Download v1.6 Download v1.5As a popular open source application, Joomla is a target of many hacker attacks. The Joomla plugin we created to meet this challenge and used successfully for our customers is jHackGuard more info…

Joomla component jAutoUpdate


Download v1.5jAutoUpdate is a component that allows you to check for new Joomla 1.5 version and update your website with a single click of the mouse. more info…


Download v1.6 Download v1.5jShareEasy is a free Joomla module that allows your visitors to share your articles on Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious and Google. more info…


Download v1.6 Download v1.5jPageTranslator will allow your Joomla visitors to translate the texts on your Joomla website to almost any language with a single click using the Google Translator service. more info…

Other useful extensions you can download and use for free include: Joomla plugin to add Analytics, Joomla module for GEO targeting, and jNoRightClick Joomla plugin, which will disable right-clicking on your site and thus protect your content and images from being copied and used elsewhere. You can find the full collection of free Joomla extensions here.

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10 Best WordPress plugins for social media sharing

The importance of social media sharing is beyond description. If you have a wordpress blog you can do the jobs easily with some wordpress social media sharing plugins. If you install any social media sharing plugins, visitors will be able to share your post easily. So it is very important to install any wordpress plugins to do this job. For your assistance today we are going to share 10 best wordpress plugins for social media sharing. So lets have a look to those plugins.

1. Follow Me

wordpress social sharing plugins 1

This is one of the most popular social media sharing wordpress plugins. Follow me icons stays in a same position while you scrolling the page up or down. You’ll get 43 social sharing sites icons in Follow me. So the visitors will be able to share this.

2. Twitter bird wordpress plugins

wordpress social sharing plugins 2

At the present time twitter bird social media sharing is being widely used. Twitter is one of the most popular social networking site. So you can add this wordpress social media sharing plugins for your site.

3. Google Plus One (+1) icons

wordpress social sharing plugins 3

You can Google plus one social media sharing plugins for your site. It is very popular now-a-days. It would be helpful for you to generate more traffic to your site.

4. Simple facebook connect plugins

wordpress social sharing plugins 4

Simple facebook connect is very useful wordpress plugins. If you install this plugins to your site, the visitors will be able to login to facebook from your site through the simple facebook connect plugins.

5. Social Metrics WordPress Plugins

wordpress social sharing plugins 5

This is very effective and helpful wordpress plugins for sure. Social Metrics will show the statistics of the visitors and others. You can know that how many people have shared the news of your site or how many people is talking about your site. So if you have a wordpress plugin like this, you’ll be benefitted for sure.

6. Social Media Wideget

wordpress social sharing plugins 6

Social Media Wideget is very useful wordpress plugins. It will show lots of social media sharing icons in your site if you install this. So the visitors of your site will be able to share anything easily.

7. Trackable Social Icons

wordpress social sharing plugins 7

This is another awesome wordpress plugins. This wordpress plugins will show that how many people share your site. This plugins is linked to google.

8. Wibiya

wordpress social sharing plugins 8

Wibiya is a cool wordpress plugins for sure. You can see a toolbar of at the bottom of your site page. So the visitors will be able to share anything easily. Certainly this wordpress plugins will be helpful for you.

9. Share and Follow

wordpress social sharing plugins 9

Share and Follow is a very user friendly wordpress plugins. Visitors can do both the jobs share and follow by using this plugins.

10. Respond WordPress Plugins

wordpress social sharing plugins 10

Respond is a great wordpress plugins. By using this plugins you can do sharing and earning revenue. You can earn through its advertising program…………..