List of Free Press Release Distribution Sites for Backlinks

Press Release distribution is an effective way for creating backlinks. Press releases are divided into two categories. First one is free and the second one is paid system. Generally free press release is used more than the paid system. Free Press Release Distribution is helpful for backlinks. On the other hand paid press release is more effective than free system.Now we would like to share a list of free press release distribution sites for backlinks. Certainly you’ll be benefited through these PR sites.

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Free Press Release Sites here.


How to Submit a Press Release for Backlinks

Press Release is an important part of SEO. The bloggers do this for promoting their site and get more visitors to their site. You can also submit press release to promote your blog. Now the question is how to submit a press release. You can learn this by watching the video given below.

Let’s watch the video to submit a press release