How to Get Targeted Traffic

How to get targeted traffic using Digg

Digg is one of the most popular bookmarking sites in the world. You can generate a lot of traffic from here. Here everybody can share their posts. Moreover it has voting system too. The visitors can digg up and down to any stories. This is nothing but a nice way of voting. Some others sites have also followed the way of digg and introduced voting system. You can get targeted traffic to your site from digg. Now we are going to share how you can get targeted traffic to your site from digg.



  • You can get traffic by researching keyword. This is very simple. All you need to find out two long keywords. These keywords must have high value in search engines.
  • In the next step you need to go to digg and submit a post. Here you’ll use a keyword in the title and other into the description.
  • Your work has been done properly. Now all you need to wait to see the charisma of digg.

You can search to search engines after an hour using your keyword. We hope you’ll see your site in first page the.

How to get targeted traffic using Twitter


You can get a large number of targeted traffic using twitter. This is an easy task to do. Just follow the below mentioned ways to get targeted traffic from twitter.

  • First of all you need to make an interesting profile. Your profile and username are very important. Make an interesting username. Moreover write your bio with some important and funny words. Don’t make it too long.
  • Username plays a vital role to get traffic. If you want to get traffic for SEO, you can use usernames like SEOguru, SEOboss and so on.
  • You must add your site URL to your twitter profile. It is very important to get traffic.
  • Send the link of your twitter page to your friends, relatives and others.
  • Search others people who have similar interest like you.
  • Use twitterfeed to get targeted traffic to your site. It is very effective way.

All you need to tweet regularly to get more traffic. So wish you all the best.


Creating Google Plus Brand Page: Step by Step Guideline

At the present world the popularity of social networking sites is beyond description. People spend a lot of time in different social networking sites. So you can create your brand page to various social networking sites to make your brand more popular. After introducing Google plus has gained much popularity within a short time. So Google plus is an ideal place to create your brand page. Today we would like to share the ways of creating Google plus Brand Page step by step.



  • Very first all you need to sign in to your Google account. Then you will go to  Google plus business page. After going there you’ll find all kinds of instructions through video tutorial. To create brand page comfortably you can watch the video.
  • In the next step you’ll find some business categories to create Google plus brand page. From the list you need to choose a business category. The above mentioned business category will be available there.

Product or Brand: If you have apparel business, cars or something like this you can choose this option.

Company, Institution & Organization: This page is for company owner or institution and so on.

Arts, Entertainments or sports: This is media section. Moreover you sports are also included in this section.

Local Business or Place: This is for local brands. If you have shops, hotels, restaurants and so on you can choose this category.

Others: If you don’t find any categories matching to your brand you can choose this.

  • Then you need to add your information. Here all you need to name your business along with your website. After performing this task you will choose your brand. From the available list you will choose your products or brands. It can be foods, fashions and so on. Then choose the age of viewer who can view this. You can set it 18 years and above, according to your wish.
  • In the next step you can add some tags related to your brand or business. Next you can insert an image of your products or brands. Image will be on your choice.
  • To make your Google plus brand page popular you need to spread the word. It will make your brand page familiar to your circle. By following the way you can make your brand page along with your brand more popular.
  • In the next and final step Google plus will give you a link to your page. By using this link anyone can visit your brand page directly. Moreover Google plus will provide you a button which you need to set to your website.

By following the above mentioned ways you will be able to create a Google plus Brand Page. Wish you all the best.